I was able to introduce you to Butterfly Rose Village and me as a doula on my About Me page. I would now like to introduce you to Quanisha personally and a bit on what to expect here on the blog.

I was born February 23, making the numbers 2 and 3 my favorite numbers. I moved to the San Antonio area in Oct. 2018 from the small but expensive city, Midland. One noticeable difference from Midland to San Antonio is the rain (there’s so much rain here!) and I have loved it.


I am a writer of mostly fiction and a reader. Reading and storytelling is fundamental to my health. I love paranormal, fantasy, horror, magic, mystery and thriller books and movies. You can follow my personal reading journey here.

Traveling has become a favorite thing to do and I have much to mark off my bucket list. Being a student of life and different subjects makes me tick. I am always researching new things and gathering information.

The rest of me:

Anxiety is my companion in life and through therapy and spiritual exploration, I found ways to not let my anxiety control me. My anxiety gives me the experience and tools to help anyone who suffers from anxiety thrive.

I find joy in music, meditation, creative expression, nature walks, good conversation, open-minded people, and new experiences. Magick, mysticism, dreams, and spirituality intrigue me. As you can guess my favorite month is October.

About the blog..

This blog will be filled with a variety of information within the topics of fertility, birth & postpartum, and pregnancy and infant loss. There will be videos, exercises, journal prompts, and conversational posts.

I am a writer so I tend to write long posts especially if I’m researching something. However, this blog will have a variety of lengths so that it doesn’t get too tiring to read.

My intention is that you can come to the blog to find information, go in depth, calm, learn more about me, get updates on BRV, feel supported, and connect with others. This is where the community aspect of our values come in. I will be reading and responding and curating the comments to make sure we have a respectful, productive conversations.

Note: At the beginning of each blog I will label who the post is aimed at (whether it is fertility, birth, postpartum, or pregnancy infant loss related). Also, if I am addressing everyone, I will be mindful on the types of photos presented in the blog. (ie. no pregnant bumps, or lots of babies)

I can’t wait to connect with you in more than just a few words on a social media post.

The next post will be a more in depth post about Butterfly Rose Village if you’d like to know more.



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