About Butterfly Rose Village

The business

Butterfly Rose Village (BRV) was founded as a way to offer my doula services and for my creations that support the mind, body, and spirit.

My mission is to provide holistic evidence-based care, be a guide, and create spaces to connect to families and people who are trying to conceive, experiencing infertility, expecting a baby, or fully in parenting.  I do this with educating, creating, coaching, researching, listening, asking, and referring. 

Our Values:

Individuality & Diversity-

In every collaboration, space, and referral it is my top priority it is a space that values the lives of not only the majority but everyone. We are anti-racist, anti-homophonic, anti-transphobic, and anti-white supremacy. I also value individuality by honoring how different each family’s needs are and transforming our care together to fit each family.


I will strive to look for alternative ways that do not harm the planet in the operations of my business. Whether that is suggesting eco-friendly glitter, baby products, second-hand recyclable toys, cloth diapers, or eco-friendly diapers, etc., I will be working on having a sustainable business.


I value growth and continued education for myself and the people I collaborate with. We are all never beyond reproach or expanding our minds. When we know better, we do better.

Deeper Conversations

I value exploration of self and guiding a deeper insight into every family’s life. With our meeting, we go deeper into your inner selves to bring awareness to your intuition.


I value creativity and creative expression to de-stress, create conversations to dive deeper, and express myself.

The Doula

Hello, I am Quanisha McGruder, a full spectrum doula, infant sleep educator and licensed massage therapist. I work and serve in the San Antonio, Texas area and also offer virtual support.

I have always had a fascination and love with pregnancy and babies since I was little. After working in childcare for several years I noticed how much confusing information there is and how unsupported parents feel, so I decided to educate myself.

Becoming a doula and infant sleep educator allowed me to do that and more! I am able to provide evidence based information, emotional, and physical support to couples who are just starting on their conception journey to those in the midst of postpartum. Also, I believe it is important to take a look into spirituality too.

I want to change the narrative around infertility, birth, and postpartum and give people options that better suits themselves so that they thrive not just survive. By giving offering an integrative style approach to support for the whole individual they can create an experience that is beneficial to them.

Living in the United States, maternal deaths in black women have reached a dangerous level that cannot be ignored. Being a black woman myself, it is my hope to decrease these rates and support black birthing people through the transition to parenthood and help them reclaim their autonomy.


  • I graduated high school in 2010 with my CNA license (no longer in use)
  • Childcare teacher (infants-6 weeks-2 years) from 2010-2016
  • An array of child development training for working in childcare
  • Licensed Massage Therapist 2015-Present
  • Infant Sleep Educator Training 2018 with Bebo Mia
  • Prenatal Massage Certification 2018
  • Fertility Support Specialist Training 2019 with Bebo Mia
  • Maternal Support Practitioner Training 2019 with Bebo Mia
  • Crafting Rituals for Abortion and Pregnancy Loss Workshop 2019 with Full Spectrum Doula Circle
  • Spinning Babies workshop 2019
  • Updated Infant Sleep Educator Training 2020 with Bebo Mia (led by neuroscientist)
  • Slow Doula Method Course 2020 with Doula Trainings International
  • Still Birthday Training…Coming soon
  • Fertility Massage Certification…2021
  • Slow Postpartum Movement with Jojo Hogan 2021-2022

You can find out more about me as a person on this Welcome post or check here if you’d like to Become a Doula

Thank you for reading about me and my business. If I sound like a person you’ll enjoy working with check out my services! I offer Fertility, Birth & Postpartum, and soon P.A.I.L support services. I can’t wait to work collaboratively with you!

Use the form below to contact me and I’ll answer any question that may have popped up. Thank you.

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