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The Bloom Experience

Journey through birth and postpartum with confidence, customized support, and knowledge.

The Bloom isn’t always glamorous.  The Bloom is sprinkling the science, spiritual, and emotional work throughout your journey so that you are provided holistic integrative care.

As Your Birth and Postpartum Doula, I will support you through the emotional, physical, and informational concerns you may have during this life-changing journey.

Let’s Connect and get your questions about Doulas answered

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Searching for guidance on how to get you and your family more sleep?

I Offer Sleep Support That Focus On Educating On Infant Sleep And Coaching To Optimize More Rest For You And Your Family.  An Alternative To Sleep Training.

Book A Consultation So I Can Get To Know You And Your Family Needs.


Relieve Your Body Of Stress And Pain; Book A Therapeutic Massage.

Enjoy An Hour or Hour And A Half Massage To Relax Your Muscles Or To Maintain Body Balance In The Comfort Of Your Home.

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Listening Sessions

Sometimes We Just Need A Listening Ear To Process Our Journey

There’s Great Value In Having Someone Who Has Knowledge On Fertility, Birth, And The Postpartum Journey To Hold Space For You.  As A Doula I Can Provide A Space For You To Vent And Process Your Path Into Parenthood.

Book Your Space.  I’m Ready To Hold Space For You.



Your Guide

Hi, I’m Quanisha. I’m a creative writer, full-spectrum doula, licensed massage therapist, and infant and family sleep specialist who guides families through different paths into and through parenting. I’m on a mission to align and support you and your new family’s needs so we can create a gratifying experience for this transformative journey.


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