What’s in the Name…

In an effort to keep my about me page short and sweet, I decided to make this in depth posting so you can get to know me and my business in more depth.

If you wanted to know more about what the meaning of the name Butterfly Rose Village, why I picked it, and our values, keep reading!

In my about me I briefly let you know about our values and that it aligns with our name


Spiritually I tend to connect with animals for different transitions in my life the butterfly has helped me become myself more and take risks. It was a time I felt the most creative, confident and lively. The symbolism words I wanted to bring into my business are transformation, evolution, inward journey, creativity.


Rose is another spiritual connection that I made in the past few years so much so that it has become my favorite flower. A rose can mean an array of things depending on the color the main symbolism is confidentiality and love. I tend to stick with the pink and white roses, although you may see a variety of colors on my socials. Pink roses: appreciation, gracefulness, thank you, joy. White roses: purity, innocence, unity.


The village part of our name is pretty self explainable. We are a community that helps each other and the Earth out. I focus on building a great support team around you and becoming a great addition to your village. I want to create spaces in which we speak with Light and help each other within our natural gifts and talents.

Thank you for taking a peek into where the name of my business came from and learning more about me.

Do you have any particular flower or animal that you connect with?

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