Doula [dou·​la]:

a trained and experienced professional
who provides continuous physical,
emotional and informational support to
you and your family during transitional periods like fertility, birth, and/or postpartum.

What’s My Doula Process?

With every client I support, I strive to have each family feel knowledgeable, safe, and confident in their decision-making process and advocate for themselves and be cared for. Just like the life cycle of a rose, there are times for rootwork, growing periods, and stillness. I focus on a kind of integrative care that sprinkles in science, intuition, past traumas, bodywork, rituals, and expanding and unlearning beliefs that have been passed down by generations and society. During your postpartum, it is my goal to help you become as confident in your abilities to parent and to learn how to support your newborn while supporting yourself.

What Does Doula Support Look Like?

  • I get to know you and your baseline so I can best advocate for you. 
  • I teach you what is normal physiological birth so you and your partner feel confident in making decisions about your birth.
  • Assist you in birth planning by going through an emotional birth plan and a birth preference sheet.
  • Talk about your postpartum plans and make sure you have support while you are healing, bonding, and learning a different role.
  • Demonstrate newborn care techniques like baby-wearing and nursing positions.
  • Teach you about your infant’s brain development and what to expect from your new family member.
  • Give hip squeezes during labor or any other non-medical pain management techniques
  • Check-in on your and your partner’s emotional well-being before, during, and after labor.
  • Hands-on support during your postpartum period with light housecleaning, giving sleep or shower breaks, and answering questions with evidence-based information.
  • Hold space for stillness during pregnancy, labor, and your postpartum period
  • I support you through your postpartum period with the goal of helping you become confident in your abilities to parent
  • I do household tasks like washing dishes or bottles, vacuuming, laundry, tidying up, and preparing meals with recipe
  • I care for your baby overnight so you can rest
  • I will help you prepare your home for your new family
  • Many more…


All my clients will receive a free month to The Zzz Hive membership that will guide you in supporting your baby’s sleep from 0-3 years old, connect with other parents, and be guided by a team of infant and family sleep specialists.

Birth Doula

Package 1- $1,500
Package 2- $2,200

Payment plans available

Package One

Intro consultation
Two prenatal visits (2 hours long)
Birth preference and birth plan creation
Birth plan template
Continuous Labor Support
Immediate postpartum support (two hours post-delivery in birthing space)
One postpartum support (4 hours long)

Complementary services:
Preparing for Birth by Plumtree
Digital Folder of Resources
Six Weeks From Birth of Call/Text Support
Breast/chestfeeding session with Lactation consultant
One Prenatal Massage 60 minutes

Package Two Includes all that above plus additional 12 mobile massage sessions

Postpartum Doula

700-1,500$ Daytime Support
1260-3180$ Overnight Support

Payment plans available

-Postpartum Planning Session (Up To Two Hours)
-In-Home Postpartum Visits

-Overnight Support Packages. Between 32-96 Overnight 8-hour blocks

-Daytime Support Packages. Between 16-48 Hours with 4 or 8 Hour Blocks

Complementary Services:
-Informal (Without Table) Postpartum Massage
-Supportive Infant and Family Sleep Tips

Check out the pricing service guide

Virtual Doula


-Two Virtual Prenatal Appointments (Two Hours Long Each)
-Monthly Check-In via Zoom or Text
-Connect with backup Doula
-Heart Centered Pregnancy Book by Nikki Shaheed (Can Be Shipped)
-Digital Preparing For Birth Book by Plumbtree
-Birth Plan Template
-Folder of Resources and Articles
-On Call 24/7 At 36 Weeks
-Virtual Labor Support
-Immediate Virtual Postpartum Support
-Two Virtual Postpartum Support Visits
-Six Weeks From Birth of Text and Virtual Support


“She is incredibly calming in a Way That Makes You Feel Strong…”

I love this lady! I met her as a massage therapist first then she became my doula for my third pregnancy.  Getting to know her through massage was a really special way to get to know her as my doula, and boy those massage! She is incredibly calming in a way that makes you feel strong and able to hear and honor your intuition as a mother, and she’s always ready for a laugh when we’re a hot mess (that happens often over here). We have really needed her.  There is SO MUCH more I could say, but I’ll end with two things: 1. Get Yourself a doula! 2. Get yourself a doula from this group! I’ve worked with two ladies from this group now, and their support has been a huge gift and provision in my motherhood journey, AND for my husband and babies as we’ve grown our family.  We are so grateful, and we love Quanisha!

– Melissa

“Having someone to prepare you and teach you techniques…”

What, specifically, did you find helpful about having Quanisha as your doula?

During prenatal having someone to prepare you and teach you techniques and give you resources to feel ready and prepared.  Labor- having someone to help provide techniques and help my spouse with laboring.  Post: to give a couple of hours of relief.

– Heather

“Quanisha was overall amazing!”

Quanisha was overall amazing! My husband was a little reserved about having a doula and after we had our baby he says he won’t do it again without one. She was extremely professional, helpful, answered all of my questions and advocated for me and my wishes. She helped my husband navigate the birthing process and made sure I was okay with everything. I remember texting her in a panic because of a possible induction and she put my mind at ease right away when no one else could. Quanisha is the doula every mama needs!

– Della

Addtional Services

Services that complement this service
  • Massage– prenatal, postpartum massage, or therapeutic massage
  • Listening Session- need more time to process your birth or just vent, you can add a session
  • Slumber– get education on infant sleep and how to prepare for our postpartum journey
  • The Zzz Hive Membership– if you want to join a community of parents, and have access to a library of resources, and group coaching join us here!
  • Free Resource Library– check out freebies that may help you on your journey
  • Newborn Care Course- Everything they don’t teach you about parenting and infant care! Created by your doulas Quanisha and Noelle with love. Sign up to receive updates when the course becomes live.

Surrender to the Stillness

“How do you get to be so free?” Caterpillar asks wistfully of Butterfly.
“Surrender,” Butterfly whispers as she flutters by.
“But… I’ve read all the books, taken all the classes, and I just can’t seem to get off the ground.”
“What do you mean – surrender? Surrender to what?”

“To the Mystery. To your Creator. To your own DNA.”
“How do I do that?” Caterpillar frowns.
“Climb up in that tree, let go of the branch, and spin.”
“Yes, spin.”

“But I don’t know how to spin. Do I need to take a course? Is there a manual?”
“You’ll know. Once you’re up there on the branch.”
“I’ll know? How will I know?”
“It’s written in your DNA.”
“What happens next? Do I have to spin my own wings?”

“No, silly,” Butterfly giggles. “You spin a cocoon.”
“A cocoon? I’ve never heard of that before. What do I do with it once I’ve spun it?”
“You don’t do anything. You just wait. Inside the cocoon.”
“What good does waiting do? I have too much work to do to sit around waiting in a cocoon. I have housework to do and children to feed and… well, that’s just ridiculous.” Caterpillar turns away, her eyes back on the ground.”… read more.

— Let Go Of The Ground. Heather Plett. Author of The Art Of Holding Space.