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Infant Sleep Support Service

Infant sleep is a topic brought up a lot in parent groups making listening to your parenting instinct and your baby hard. Is your baby sleeping too much? Sleeping too little? Is your baby manipulating you? Are they sleeping through the night? Do they still sleep with you? How long does your baby nap? Is your baby a “good” or “bad” baby?

As an Infant Sleep Educator(ISE) I believe that learning to fall asleep on your own is a developmental milestone, just like crawling or walking. Interfering with that milestone by trying to force (or ‘train’) a baby before they are ready can lead to tears for both baby and caregivers. Babies will learn to fall asleep on their own but there is plenty we can do to set the stage for your baby (and you) to get a good night’s sleep.

ISE’s have a ‘no cry’ approach to sleep that allows your baby to form a healthy relationship with sleep. We are a resource for holistic family wellness.

Infant sleep support to help caregivers and baby thrive

As your ISE, I will:

  • Collaborate with caregivers to come up with solutions-focused, family-led interventions
  • Educate (if needed) on biological normal infant sleep
  • Provide evidence-based knowledge on infant and family sleep, brain developments, and more
  • Support families during sleep challenges
  • Look for solutions that meet the needs of babies and caregivers
  • Provide emergency sleep support for caregivers suffering from extreme sleep deprivation (if in-person service is available)
  • Provide resources to birth and postpartum doulas
  • Refer out if needed to therapists, lactation consultations, midwives, and childbirth educators

Getting Started & Services:

We will begin by setting up a curiosity call where we can start to know each other, I can answer questions you have about how this service or infant sleep educator, and you can tell me about your challenge. By the end of the call it is your decision to see if you would like to proceed forward. A payment plan available for those who need it.

Virtual Infant Sleep Support Consultation
  • Free 20 minute curiosity/consultation call
  • Coaching Assessment Intake for parent(s)
  • Customized Sleep Strategy Package for the Family
  • Follow up coaching call (1-3)
Phone & Email Support Only
  • -Free 20 minute curiosity/consultation call
  • -Coaching assessment intake for parent(s)
  • -Customized Sleep Strategy Package for the Family
  • -Email support for two weeks
  • -No follow up coaching calls
Educational Call
  • -Free 20 minute curiosity/consultation call
  • -Education video call or phone call on the biological norms of sleep for your infant
  • -Email summary of session and resources to print out
  • -No follow up coaching calls

Book a free 20 minutes curiosity call to find out more about me, any questions regarding infant sleep or infant sleep educators, and/or how I support you and your family in your sleep challenge needs.

Right now I am taking virtual consultation for families with sleep challenges. Once we are safer and in person visits are available I will be offering in home consultations. Also around Fall or Winter I will have infant sleep education prenatal group class. This group class will offered online or in person and can be adjusted for private one-on-one prenatal infant sleep education.

Baby wearing for infant sleep

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