Birth & Postpartum Doula

Birth & Postpartum Doula

You have to decide lots of things on the fly that you have never heard of. Both you and your partner’s emotions are heightened. You are hearing lots of advice and being told, what can be, traumatizing stories about labor.

Take a deep breath and pause.

The transition into creating, birthing, and caring for another human being is a journey through your mind, body, and spirit. Everyone on this journey to parenthood can use support and guidance.

Birth and postpartum doulas support you through the emotional, physical, and informational concerns you may have during this life changing journey.

As your birth doula I will:

  • give continuous support through pregnancy and labor and postpartum
  • offer two prenatal appointments (in person or virtual if the situation permits)
  • offer one postpartum visit
  • guide you through comfort and pain management techniques
  • support your emotional needs, concerns, or worries
  • offer evidence based information and support on epidurals, c-section, and natural vaginal births
  • support home, birthing center, or hospital birth
  • work with your doctors and nursing staff to provide you and your partner with high-quality respectful support

As your postpartum doula, I will:

  • guide you throughout the fourth trimester and beyond
  • provide emotional and practical support
  • offer breast/chest feeding support
  • be an extra set of hands to help you
  • offer infant sleep tips (not sleep training)
  • provide evidence-based insight on newborn care
  • can help recognize when you may need outside help and what those resources are
  • provide information on the different styles of parenting
  • help navigate through any anxieties, fears, or stress
  • specialty help for multiples, preemies and for C-sections

My hope as your birth and/or postpartum doulas is that both parents feel informed, confident, well taken care of, listened to, and respected during this vulnerable transition to parenthood.

As doulas we do not provide medical advice or give diagnosis, perform medical procedures, make decisions for you, replace your health care provider, alienate or take over the role of the partner, and/or drive clients.

Getting Started & Services:

I have collaborated with JTM- Doulas of San Antonio to offer my birth and postpartum services!

We are a team of seasoned and new doulas with a variety of specialties that can be taken advantage of by clients. This collaboration ensures a reliable back-up in an emergent situation, a knowledgeable hive mind for any questions you might have during pregnancy, and offers of childbirth education classes, prenatal & postpartum yoga, placenta encapsulation, a health coach, and more.

Click the logo below or name above to get information on the birth services offered. When you do fill out your consultation form you may request and add my name in the comments section, Quanisha McGruder, as the specific doula to service you.

To learn more about me and what I backgrounds and experiences are check out my About Me page.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Note: Butterfly Rose Village(BRV) is a separate business entity from JTM- Doulas of San Antonio therefore words from blogs, opinions and services rendered and contracted with BRV does not represent that of Journey to Motherhood (JTM). The views expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of my contractor (JTM).

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