What’s in the Name…

In an effort to keep my about me page short and sweet, I decided to make this in depth posting so you can get to know me and my business in more depth.

If you wanted to know more about what the meaning of the name Butterfly Rose Village, why I picked it, and our values, keep reading!

In my about me I briefly let you know about our values and that it aligns with our name

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I was able to introduce you to Butterfly Rose Village and me as a doula on my About Me page. I would now like to introduce you to Quanisha personally and a bit on what to expect here on the blog.

I was born February 23, making the numbers 2 and 3 my favorite numbers. I moved to the San Antonio area in Oct. 2018 from the small but expensive city, Midland. One noticeable difference from Midland to San Antonio is the rain (there’s so much rain here!) and I have loved it.

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